If you are looking for more information about cremation preplanning, you’ve landed in the right place. Since 1884 our expert staff at Allen Memorial has been helping families in Binghamton, NY celebrate life, find preplanning resources, and more. We stand firm in our commitment to provide meaningful funeral, cremation and memorial options that meet the needs of those near the Binghamton area.

Cremation Misconceptions

One common misconception about cremation still circulates today; many people think you can’t have a service if you decide to use cremation as your final disposition. You actually have more flexibility in planning a cremation memorial service than you do with in-ground burial. Traditional in-ground burial means the funeral needs to take place within a certain timeframe. With a memorial service, you do not have that time constraint. That’s not to say that you can’t have both a funeral and a memorial service, but most people opt for one or the other.

Cremation Preplanning

With all of these options in mind, you’ll start to understand the importance of preplanning. Preplanning your cremation and memorial is a loving gesture to those you leave behind, because it relieves the stress involved with making all of those hard decisions during your family’s time of grief. Preplanning also provides time to consider the specific items you want, making your service more personal.

Preplan With Allen Memorial

Whether you want a funeral or cremation service, these arrangements are a personal choice. Preplanning provides you with the time needed to make practical, detailed decisions that reflect your standards, lifestyle, taste and budget. We at Allen Memorial assure Binghamton area families that the choices you make will be carried out as planned when you plan with us. Please contact Allen Memorial at 607-754-0110 for more resources on cremation and preplanning.