A Tribute to Veterans

Today is the day we set aside to honor American veterans – those valiant soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen of the U.S. Armed Forces – who all share a dedication to the defense of freedom. For generations, veterans have honored us with this sacrifice, and so all… Read More

10 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Grief

Grief is a complex emotion that affects each person differently, but it has become clear over our years working with our neighbors in Binghamton that the only way someone can successfully process grief is to start the steps of working through it. At Allen Memorial Home,… Read More

Managing Grief During the Holidays

The holidays are supposed to be a time of great joy. Despite all of the family togetherness and holiday cheer though, this time of year can be very painful for those who have lost a loved one. Even the most wonderful traditions – the annual family Christmas party, a friendly… Read More

My Loved One Said, “No Funeral.” What Should I Do?

This is an issue we hear about time and time again at Allen Memorial Home: What should I do when my loved one made it clear he or she does not want a funeral or memorial service? What your loved one may be thinking is this will… Read More

5 Ways Funerals Are Changing

“A traditional funeral doesn’t fit who I am. Can I plan a final farewell that’s more ‘me’?” “I want to care for the earth in death just as I do in life. What are my options for a green burial?” “I’d love for my friends and family to… Read More

How to Help a Grieving Loved One

Grief hits every person differently. It can manifest itself in anger, isolation, depression, and many other unexpected emotions. As you support someone who has lost a loved one, it is important to know how to help them during this difficult time. Endicott families can trust that… Read More

Top 10 Reasons to Preplan your Funeral

You might be surprised how many strong opinions you have about your own funeral, memorial service, and final resting place. Our Allen Memorial Home staff has found this to be true for most families we’ve talked to over the years. While many people haven’t spent much… Read More

Funeral Etiquette

At Allen Memorial Home, we have heard many questions from the Endicott community about what is appropriate to wear and say at a funeral. Everyone is different, and each person’s life can be celebrated in a unique manner. It’s a big reason why we provide… Read More

Creative Ways to Memorialize with Cremation

When a family in Endicott is considering cremation instead of traditional burial, they may wonder if their options are limited or even impersonal – but this is definitely not the case when you choose Allen Memorial Home. More people in the Endicott area and around the… Read More

When Final Wishes Clash Within Families

Throughout our decades of funeral service experience at Allen Memorial Home, our caring team has been asked many times by families in Endicott what it’s like to be in funeral service, and whether our work is somehow depressing and morbid. While it is true that the… Read More