Choosing between cremation and traditional burial is an important decision, but choosing a final resting place also has a lasting impact on the loved ones left behind. There are many options available that accommodate your budget, honor the life that was lived, and offer a place to remember.

Why Do I Need a Burial Vault?

Burial vaults are important – not only because some cemeteries require them – but also because they protect the casket after a burial. A burial vault will give you peace of mind knowing your loved one will be protected from the elements. Vaults can also be personalized to best honor your loved one’s unique life.

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After Cremation: Final Placement Choices

When you choose cremation, you must also decide where you would like the remains to be placed. If you select a more permanent resting place – such as a cemetery or a columbarium – you will give your loved ones a location where friends and family members can visit to pay their respects for years to come. Other options include scattering the remains or creating memorialization jewelry.

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