Families in Broome and Tioga counties know that life changes are around every corner. With all the uncertainty we’re consistently exposed to, especially under the ongoing COVID-19 circumstances, it’s possible you may be feeling a bit unsure of what happens next.

While no one really knows the answer, we do know that uncertainty can’t be escaped or avoided, so it does us well to engage with this doubt and learn how to take advantage of it. Here are a few ways the team at Allen Memorial Home suggests accepting uncertainty and moving forward:

Realize you’ve been uncertain in life before

Recognizing that you’ve been unsure about life in the past is not easy, but it can help you gain the confidence you need to persevere and keep chugging along. Remember that life will always be unpredictable, and you’ve made it through some trying times that you can be proud of. The unknown can be a powerful tool – if you allow it to be.

Focus on what you can control

Some may thrive in a state of chaos while others cripple at the thought of it. If you’re the latter, being mindful of the things you do have control over helps you realize there are stable and dependable aspects of life. While this looks different for everyone, creating a realistic daily routine will put you on the right track – even when things get hectic. Also know that what you can’t control usually finds a way of working itself out in the end.

Uncertainty doesn’t have to be negative

Think of all the possibilities there are when you adjust your mindset to thinking positively. Only allowing positive thoughts to fill your mind will boost your mood. This can be difficult because of the current pandemic but learning to take advantage of the unfamiliar can often result in positive or even exciting outcomes.

If you’re unsure of where to start, try this exercise. Allot a certain amount of time each day to turn off all digital devices and spend time with family, friends, pets, or even by yourself. Being present and aware of your surroundings could bring you the mood boost you need to embrace and navigate the unknown.

Here are a few other activities to try:

  • Go for a walk
  • Jot your thoughts down in a journal
  • Cook, clean, or find an activity you like that allows you to use your hands
  • Call a friend or relative

Be kind to yourself

Our own thoughts are often our worst enemy – quite often without us realizing it, but there are ways to eliminate negative internal feedback. This may mean looking inward and paying attention to how you talk to yourself. Acknowledge your negative feelings, but don’t let them spiral and get out of hand. Feeding on these thoughts will only crush your self-esteem and make it difficult to see all the open doors life has given you.

One practical way to introduce an element of certainty into your life is by putting your own end-of-life arrangements in writing. Not only are you able to think through and express your preferences, this also takes the pressure off your loved ones. We meet with many people to preplan, and not one ever expresses regret over taking this step. The peace of mind that comes as a result speaks for itself. Reach out to the team at Allen Memorial Home to begin putting your own arrangements in place, or check out our online planning form to get started now.

Know that the caring team at Allen Memorial Home is always here for you. You can read our other blogs on the importance of gratitude or ways to relieve grief. We also have aftercare resources on our website that are available. Or, you can always contact us.